20 Weeks 

CMA Programme

What happens in this programme?

This Programme is specifically designed by keeping working professionals, students and those individuals who already have a professional background like CA, ACCA, and CPA in mind. Imagine preparing for just 20 weeks intensely and clearing the Exam. 

The CMA Guy's 20 Weeks CMA USA programme aims to teach you the concepts with clarity and an intuitive approach which makes them THINK and be ready for the corporate world and not just for the exams. The whole curriculum will make you ready in the 20 Weeks only and hence we make the training highly intensive which helps you to clear the exam at the earliest which leads to early jobs and high salary.

Rigorous training with evaluation will be done on a regular basis and you need to be determined to write your exam on the selected date. Based on that 1 on 1 interaction will be planned with every fortnight to analyse and support you with the proper guidance. 

How is this programme different from others?

I know there are many working professionals just like you who want to do CMA USA as it is a short-term course but unfortunately, they can't spend months together in preparation due to work commitments and family time constraints.

And that is when I started doing my research by speaking with professionals from multiple fields and created this "20 Weeks Programme" just for working professionals. 

This programme is different because you will be wary about your studies for continuous 60 Days and every progress of yours will be tracked and based on those recommendations will be provided to you. On top of all that, if you don't pass, you will get a 100% Refund (No questions asked).

This is the first of its kind programme where you will fully concentrate on your exams and the time will be ticking for your exams continuously, So as your preparation. You will experience a different level of confidence before writing the Exams. 

So, you may get a question, you can do self-study itself then why theCMAguy.

CMA Course Overview

In CMA USA Course we learn around 12 competencies which are needed for an individual to be a Management Accountant. Being a professional you will be able to grasp the concepts without any hassle. We will be taking High Intensive classes in first 45 Days and provide you all the knowledge which is required and then in the last 15 Days Rigorous revision and tests will be taken which will make you feel confident about writing the exams. 

There will be (50 * 2) 100 hours classes which will include question and doubt solving sessions as well. In this minimum number of hours of preparation, you will get to learn maximum concepts and tricks which you shall utilize in the exam hall efficiently. 

And in the last 15 days you will be doing 6 Mock Tests on your own and 2 Live Mock Tests with me and continuous revision every alternate day which will guarantee you 2 sets of revisions with me only.

CMA Part 1: In Part 1, you will be concentrating more on Costing, Internal Controls, Technology, Strategic Concepts and Financial Accounts. 

CMA Part 2: In Part 2, you will be concentrating more on Costing, Internal Controls, Technology, Strategic Concepts and Financial Accounts.

Why should I join this programme and not do 

self-study myself?

Let me not lie on this part, you can definitely do self-study and pass this exam but the problem is that support, guidance and clarity on concepts is something which is not easily available and you need to spend a minimum of 6 months for each part to study on your own and pass this exam. 

We are in 2022, where we get 10 Minute delivery then why not complete your exam in the fastest mode possible when it is possible.

Less than 45% of the students will pass the exam on their first attempt and most of them are someone who does self-study or who choose the wrong study methodology. 

I know about all this because I've spoken to 100s of people before creating this programme and had put the effort in making a proper curriculum to follow and get 100% results.

And I'm so confident about the "60 Days Programme of CMA USA" , If you don't pass the exam in the given timeline, 100% of your fees will be refunded to you and on that note, we are the only one-course provider who is providing this and that is what makes us Best CMA USA Course Provider in Bengaluru as well as in India  

Note: This programme is applicable only for those students who have a professional background or work experience in the relevant field or someone who has attempted and couldn't clear due to many other factors.

The 60 Days Programme made my life simpler to complete CMA USA both parts in just 5 months as I'm working in Big 4 and Naveen was awesomely supportive till the last minute of the exam.

By Suraj Basha

What if I Fail? 100% Refund * 

You shall pass CMA USA in this approach just by following the classes, completing tasks, attending live sessions and taking tests regularly. All this in just 60 Days and still if you couldn't clear even after doing all these. 100% of your money will be refunded immediately after you share your exam result with us.

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60 Days Programme Overview

Congratulations, you have made it.

Get Exciting rewards in the next three days from theCMAguy.

How can we help you?

Will I get a refund if I don't pass CMA Exams?

You get a 100% refund provided you complete all the assessments and tasks.

Will I get lifetime access for Videos?

No, you get limited access because we are confident that you pass and classes are not south Indian movies.

How do I contact customer service?

You are just a call away from getting connected to us and we will be connecting with you every fortnight.

You be the next CMA with theCMAguy.

"I enjoyed Naveen's lectures even when I was seeing recorded class and I should say it was that interactive and his clarity towards Concepts is to the point"

Trishala Bangera

Finance Associate 

"theCMAguy's 60 Days Programme is all that was required for me to complete the exam with high level of confidence and the smart charts are spot on for revision!"

Yashawanth Jain

Equity Analyst

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Why should I choose this over 100 Days Programme?

This Programme is not for you if you cannot be determined and consistent, this is designed specifically by keeping working professionals in mind and you are the one who is going to be benefitted a lot with the minimum time and affordable cost provided you are having 60 Days' time.

What you get in 20 Weeks Programme

Continuous Support with theCMAguy.

You will get Video access for live classes which covers every concept you need to know for CMA USA and continuous live question and doubt solving every weekends. You will get 90+ hours live class access.

Access to my Personal Schedule

You can schedule a call with me anytime for 1:1 mentoring and all your queries will be answered by connecting with you within 24 hours. Every Fortnight, we shall take a call and discuss about your progress and future growth.

Interactive Study Charts:

Access to these study charts will help you revise all the concepts in less than 3 hours and in the last few days you just need to revise these charts before taking mock tests.

Personalised Test Bank:

You'll gain access to one of the largest test banks which comprises of 2000+ objective type questions and 40+ Essay Questions to practice to make you feel confident about the exams.

Practice makes men perfect as well as women.

Weekend Revisions:

Every Weekend we will revise all the concepts we studied in the week and keep a track of learnings as we have very limited time and we can recall almost everything in the last 60 Days and be awesomely well prepared for the exams.

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